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About Me

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I have a strong background in electronics and robotics, starting with my experience on a FIRST Robotics team in high school, where I helped design, build, and program robots for competition. I mainly used Java during this time to control manual and autonomous functions of the robot utilizing various sensors and actuators for unique control systems. I attended a Vocational Technical High School where I studied Industrial Electronics alongside normal classes. This experience was unique because we had to learn the same basic classes as normal high schools but in about half the time. There I learned about Analog/Digital electronics and basic micro controller programming. This foundation in robotics/electronics led me to pursue a degree in Software Engineering, which I received from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI.

Throughout my academic career, I have demonstrated my ability to excel in both the mechanical and software aspects of robotics projects. For example, I was part of a small team tasked with designing and building a functional robotic arm to cut a ribbon revealing the brand new technology building on a low cost budget. I received funding from our student government to build a ROS powered autonomous RC car that was capable of SLAM Mapping and navigation through the halls of our engineering building.

In my free time, I enjoy 3D printing and developing software I have a strong interest in using these technologies to create functional prototypes and custom solutions. I tend to prototype using off the shelf electronics such as an ESP32 for its many features and low cost. I also have taken interest in Machine Learning / AI models and API’s such as OpenAI’s GPT. I have experimented with locally run models like YOLOv8 for computer vision running on my own GPU’s

I am eager to continue developing my skills and expertise and am motivated to pursue a career in these areas where I can make a meaningful impact.

My Work

As a software engineer and robotics enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects in these fields. These experiences have helped shape my career goals and allowed me to use my skills to make a positive impact through technology. From developing software to building and programming robots, I have enjoyed the process of bringing these projects to life and am grateful for the chance to pursue my passions.

My Skills

I have been able to work with many frameworks and languages

My vast background has allowed me to work on projects from all aspects such as electronics concepts to fully functional prototypes, software, designing, 3D printing and manufacturing with multi axis mills. Over the years I have explored different languages, tools, and created some of my own to help automate industrial machines and my personal equipment. I have worked with small groups to reverse engineer communication protocols for Augmented Reality glasses allowing for several open source drivers to be made.

I consider one of my greatest skills to be adaptability as I learn rather quickly and have an internal drive to explore and progress in my free time.



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